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Elves and reindeer are busy...

Good Morning All...I suspect that the elves and reindeer are busy preparing for the great holiday season.

My books seem to be relying on those elves and reindeer to deliver them to me. I have no idea what the schedule is. They are now overdue, and all of my attempts to connect with the publisher have been unanswered for over a week. Mmmm. Learning patience. Some things are really out of my control. I apologize to all who are left hanging, wanting a copy, and it has not been delivered. This was not the plan! I do understand that Amazon is quite a different story and delivers quickly.

Just a brief update and I will let you know when I have any news. Wishing you all a holiday season filled with joy, love and a little magic, whatever and whenever you celebrate. Sending love and light to all.

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