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A Tribute from Goddard College

I received a letter from Goddard today, my alma mater. As a late returning student, Goddard was the best part of my education, aside from life's classrooms, and I am forever grateful to them for supporting me as I found the woman I was meant to be.

From Dustin Byerly, Associate Director of Advancement and Donor Relations:

"They timely and timeless, (and) will make a great addition to our collection."

"The book is a testament to your lifetime of hard work and dedication and builds on the foundation you laid when you founded HerStory over thirty years ago. It is inspiring to flip through the pages and see the stories of amazing women who might have been forgotten were it not for your own vision and persistence. It's so important, perhaps more now than ever before, that we preserve the stories of the man women who made so man significant contributions to our world. Thank you for putting this fantastic collection together and sharing it with us and our community."

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