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They Persisted

I had an amazing experience at the Farmer's Market today. Several young women that I was buying some produce from, somehow knew I had written a book. They were so excited to meet me and one said to the other, you have to read it, it is so inspiring. I was floored and delighted. Of course, this is why I wrote the book!! Despite the humbling and unfortunate typos they loved the book. I guess I do too. One if the women actually produced a copy of the book and asked me to sign it. It truly made my day and helped me make peace with it, once again. The 21 Women in the book are no mistake. They inspire and need to be known. So, forgive the typos and love the Women as I do. I am so grateful that people are willing to read beyond typos to the essence.

A new editor and publisher are lined up for the next book which I am lovingly working on currently; 21 more women also born in the 1800's, who were journalists, muckrakers, suffragists and all round bad ass women!! Stay tuned. I think you will love them too!

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