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Rosa Belongs Here!

I participated in a powerful gathering on Saturday evening, March 9th. What shall I call it? A remembrance? Perhaps. It marked 600 days in sanctuary for Rosa Sabido. Maybe it was a celebration? A celebration of the indomitable spirit and love of a beautiful woman? Whatever label you choose to put on it, the enormous love, deep, deep sorrow and genuine caring in that room was palpable. There was an electricity that connected us all. I can still feel it this morning. Deep bow of gratitude to all who were part of that gathering at the United Methodist Church in Mancos, CO.

Powerful feelings, exquisite thoughts, bitter tears and glorious visions were shared. Throughout the evening there was an imposing and beautiful vibration of desire; desire for love, freedom and the universal understanding that we are all connected. It was emotional but it was focused.

It was a time and a place to share love, understanding, connection, great food and the knowledge, that at least in that room, there was a shared vision. I want that vision to become a universal reality. I dream of a world where “differences” are celebrated not hated, condemned or feared. I dream of a world where love is truly the key because where love exists hatred, fear and violence can not survive.

I dream of a world where Rosa Sabido and all others who are oppressed, feared and dismissed as “other” will walk free, heads high and smiling knowing that we ALL belong together.

Since Rosa has been in sanctuary here, the theme in our little community has been a resounding “Rosa Belongs Here.” Yes, Rosa does belong here. She is a part of the fabric of our community and knits us together. I have come to know Rosa and greatly respect, love and admire her. She is real, she is vulnerable, brave, selfless and strong and so many other qualities that complete this beautiful person.

Rosa is not the only person suffering the confines of sanctuary and the fight for justice. There are three other women just in the relatively local areas of Colorado; Sandra Lopez, Ingrid Encalada Latorre, Araceli Velasques. It seems that every day there is a new, heartbreaking story of another family being ripped apart.

I have often been called a dreamer, a term that has become popular of late, but in a different connotation. In my case, over my lifetime, I think it has been meant as a fault, a disparaging moniker. I own it. I am a dreamer, and I believe that everyone in that gathering last night was a dreamer.

Can we dream a better world? I believe if we don’t continue to try, to gather together, to work together to see that dream fulfilled we fail. Sometimes I feel completely overwhelmed. IT is big. It is dauntingly big with tentacles that have a very far and strangling reach. Then I recall that big change has often been brought about by a mere few, with a vision.

Can we continue to take steps together, forward, in this vision of love and freedom that we have shared? Next steps? Writing, calling, praying and maybe quiet, private, cleansing tears. Let’s not give up on Rosa, ourselves, or the vision. IT is big, can we be bigger? Love is the key.

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