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Everyone Has Hope

November 3, 2019

The young author of this work, Teagan Archer, has stolen my heart!  She is junior high school student in Mancos, CO were I reside. A friend mentioned that she had written a poem about Katherine Switzer. That name rattled around in my head until I remembered (with a little help from Google!) that back in 1967 she was the first woman to run the Boston Marathon. Below is a picture of Katherine in 1967 and in 2017, when she ran the race again.  

Teagan was challenged in a class to answer the question, can we learn history through poetry. She thought, researched and wrote this wonderful piece about a very significant event in history, the day Katherine Switzer ran the Boston Marathon.  When the project was complete Switzer read her poem and sent her a signed copy of her memoir.  


Girls Can RUN the World
Teagan Archer


The year was 1967
Doctor Who and Jeopardy air on TV
While the Beach Boys play on the radio
All was heaven…
This was also the year that a woman did the said “Impossible”
There was hope

It’s the night before the big race
Runners all over the USA are shuffling with nerves
Some try to sleep,
While others decide not to fight it
People get all their stuff together for the big race,
The Boston Marathon

The day of the race
Butterflies zoom around in every runner's stomach
As race directors race around to fix last-minute details
As they pin on their bibs they understand
That this is their final commitment to being here
Hope was there

Runners get the breakfast of runners
Hours before the race
As not to upset their stomachs
Pancakes, Sausage, Orange Juice, Eggs, Hash Browns, and Bacon
And don't forget their Coffee to wake them, from this wonderland of impossible

The day of the race a light mist is coming down
Sprinkling the runners on the back of their necks
And cooling them down immensely
As all this chaos was happening
A young woman by the name of Katherine Switzer
Was getting ready for the race of her life

“On your marks.”
All the runners line up
“Get set.”
They crouch down into ready position, people anxiously watched on tv
And it starts the pushing, and the shoving, and the pulling… and the racing… and hoping

Hoping to be first
Hoping to finish
Hoping to be famous
Hoping to show the world what they could do

1 mile had passed
This is when people realized
That a woman…
Was in a men's race
Some people were fine with it
But some people's minds were not equipped for this
So they started yelling

The thunder and yells were booming loud in her ears
The rain coming down harder and harder
Everybody was miserable and cold
The hope was starting to disappear

The young woman was pushed around and shoved
By the men who thought they were better
News vans started to pull up
Snap, “What are you doing here?” asked a news reporter Split, Splat, Boom
Snap, snap, snap “What… How… Young Woman.” Scribble, Scribble, Splat, Boom, Split

She didn't answer
5 miles had passed
Split, Splat, Split, Splat her feet just kept going
It was like something in her had to keep going

So that the criticism couldn't catch up
Through all the criticism and drama and put-downs
She kept going
And she started to hope

On and on and on and on
And eventually, people realized that they couldn't get to her
Not because of the men that surrounded her
But because she let those harsh comments slip off her like an eel
All through the next 20 miles
She hoped that she could make a difference

Because once she got over all of that criticism
All she could see was the finish line
The rain clouds started to part
The sun rose high into the sky
And a rainbow came up out of the sky
This was the start of a new age
An age of women standing up for their rights, not letting men push them around

This is when people realized that women are human too
They can do the same things men can
WE are strong
WE are brave
And WE can believe
WE are worth it

When she finished the race
She didn't just break a barrier for herself
She broke a barrier for something bigger
The world
The world had started to hope

Now that the barrier is gone
Women all over the world
Come to race, to hope
In the Boston Marathon
Because of #261
Everyone has hope


Teagan is a budding author and also a runner.  The picture below is of Teagan, Cathy Yost, and Sahr Thomas.  Congratulations Teagan! YOU ROCK!








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