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Let Them Go Ahead...

This caught my attention. It speaks loudly to me. Sara Sophia Eisenman is a new find for me. I love her writing. This is a little bit about her. I hope you enjoy as well.

Sara Sophia Eisenman is a writer, energy healer, Berkeley-educated neuroscientist, and a devoted wife and mother of two children. She is a powerful advocate for women embracing their natural ageless beauty, and serves to reintegrate the feminine aspect of the divine into the fabric of the collective. Sara holds a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Neuroscience from UC Berkeley, graduating at the very top of her class and earning numerous accolades for her unique work. She also has a Master’s degree from UCLA in culture and performance. Sara’s graduate work focused on dance and ceremony as a means of transmitting consciousness and accessing/healing deep trauma in the body. To further ground her healing pursuits, Sara trained in Reiki and shamanism for many years, becoming a Reiki master and noted teacher. To learn more or schedule a healing session with Sara Sophia, visit her website or connect with her on Facebook.

''Let them go ahead and say

That you are too sensitive that you are too much far too intense

that you feel too deeply

And let them go ahead and say

that you'll never fit in that you are strange delusional

maybe even crazy

But let them never say

lest they make themselves a liar

that you weren't beautiful that you weren't poetry that you weren't a fire

burning bright for every goddamn thing that ever meant anything

that you didn't test yourself against the wilds of love and win

and that you didn't live and by your audacity, touch eternity

and by live

what i mean is,




Sara Sophia Eisenman

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