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Sunday Blessings

The Cosmic Dancer

Be careful the words you use to describe who you are.

Be aware of the speech you whisper deep inside yourself, like a witch casting spells.

Your strength, your tenderness and hope is listening, is feeling those words. And over time, with each word, each sentence, each spell you cast into your heart, you weaken yourself from the very center.

Remember that beautiful little child you were, remember that hopeful tender heart, you can come back to that place and allow the essence of it to grow, you can start whispering spells, good words, kind words, forgiving words until it grows and fills you up.

Your inner voice, the one you have learnt to speak, is one of the main food sources for your growth.

Let that food be good nourishment, let it be like wild medicine weeds rather than poison.

Stop and listen to yourself. How do your words make your heart feel? How does the way you treat yourself make you feel?

~ Brigit Anna McNeill

[Art: Seth Haverkamp]

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