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"We are All a Limited Edition!"

Image by Bansky

These are strange and challenging times. Most of us have not lived through times like this before. They are times of great sadness, grief and confusion - sometime fear and anxiety. I have noticed that in my forty days of retreat from the world, on most days

I have found more peace. I have savored the solitude but not the cause. My senses seem heightened. I notice things that I probably didn't notice before in my hectic life. I feel more deeply, see more color, hear more birdsong, enjoy the wind as it plays with me! I cry more often both tears of grief, sadness and joy. I have noticed that many sisters have shared similar feelings. They have written, composed, and shared more of themselves with the world as we are all in retreat.

I know this beautiful soul, Veer vK, from the Netherlands, only through social media. We have corresponded for quite a few years now and I love her! She has lifted my spirits, shared thoughts and feelings and humor over these years. We both have a deep love for our families, our animal tribes and nature and coffee. I have grown to treasure her friendship greatly.

I think that sharing some of the work, art, thoughts and writing of "sisters" at this time would be great fun. So, with her permission, I am sharing something that Veer wrote with you today. Enjoy.

I learned...

I learned to love, And not to hate. I learned to be kind, And to use my mind. I learned compassion. And not to go with the new fashion I learned that a girl needed to be, prepared for her future. And that she is earlier mature. I learned to be strong, And that friends will come along. I learned there should be equality, And we are our own authority. I learned i love solitude, And that gave me gratitude. I learned that i am emphatic, And have to be pragmatic. I learned there is a big universe, And the moon her energy is diverse. I learned what it is to be hurt, And that it isn't easy being a introvert. I learned to listen, And know we are all a limited edition.

Never forget what you already have learned and how far you have come! The journey you make is your teacher. Follow your heart, dreams, mind, intuition and become whatever you want to be!

Much love dear ones! Veer vK

~”I learned…” Poem by Veer vK © 2017

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