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Show Up, This Day is a Gift

Art, by Lorraine

This dear woman has often inspired me with her kindness, her writing and her art. She always goes out of her way to find beauty and positivity! I admire this beautiful lady greatly. She and I have been "friends" on social media for a few years now. Lorraine is one of the reasons I still check in daily on social media. She is from British Colombia. I seek out her posts because they always make me smile, or think, or both! She is truly a dear heart and with her permission I am sharing something she has written during this time of retreat. Please enjoy the writing of Lorraine Robinson!

Show up show up, that is all that matters. be there. each day is a new beginning hold that against your bones. You must bend like the willow. To live in this world you must give to what is happening now. This is not before or after this is show up. Here now. Be who you are in this place You are on your own. here is no one to take you past this line of indifference you must show up and be your best. This day is a gift. A day that has not been experienced before. This is new. Feel it in your bones then let it go. To live in this world you must love it and let it go. Let it go. Today is a different day. Make it special. In some small In some way claim this day as your day. You are here today. Tomorrow? We do not know, we are not there, let it go. There is nothing ahead or behind you just show up and be here for today. To be in this world of the unknown, the chatter of not knowing, the chaos of unknowable, the world is joined in the strangest paradox. We live in the question. We are facing a massive adjustment our world is an open wound exposed with all it's warts and wrinkles. Show up. We need each other in the strangest way. love what is mortal! to live in this world you must Love what is mortal when it's time let it go the phone rings. groceries I ordered last week will be dropped at my door. Dangerous to breath each other's air. Because We are Mortal.

Lorraine Robinson, April 23, 2020

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