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Yes! Black Lives Matter.

Artist: Laurie Cooper

I do not have answers. I am sad. I am angry. I make mistakes. I am learning.

To justify slavery, we whites portrayed blacks as subhuman: primitive, stupid, and servile.

To justify segregation, we whites portrayed blacks as morally corrupt: ignorant, predatory, and sinful.

After civil rights, we whites portrayed blacks as evil: drug addicts, gang bangers, and welfare queens.

There has never been a point in our history when we whites have systematically and institutionally valued black lives as we do our own.

That's why #BlackLivesMatter. Period.

“Black America I see you. You are seen, heard, and affirmed in your anger, in your sadness, in your rage, in your fear, and in your deepest desires to have the ease, rest and safety that you are deserving of as human beings."

~ Rachel Cargle

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