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International Women's Day

Thursday, March 9th @ 5 pm.

In recognition of "International Women's Day" coming up, please join us on Thursday March 9th! My special guest and fellow author, Margaret (Midge) Kirk and I will be discussing her research on phenomenal women that changed history in her books, "They Persisted" and "They Roared". These unsung heroes accomplished unbelievable feats in spite of incredible barriers and hardships. AND, we have never heard of them! Let's change that now!

​This will be an event you will NOT want to miss! Trust me, these stories about amazing women need to be heard!

They Persisted, second edition, is now available on Amazon.

Just click below for more information! (or cut and paste) Please join us. fbclid=IwAR2EP7GoXosC2drkyyEGoIWmS3GLOTFOx8gPzi3ZQSRgL6ZKSUyZLFyqnFw


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