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It's in the Stories

Hello All, and thanks for stopping by. I found the following inspiring. I hope you enjoy too.


Poem by Y's Words- Yvonne Brewer

It's in the stories. We find a way back to where we first dreamed. We enter that spot where we first were silenced, where we first stopped sharing our own longing, fairy tale. It's in the stories. We find the hidden pieces, colours, shapes, fears, hopes, maps, secrets. All buried, or lost, or stolen, or unseen until now. Now, we hold their hands and pick the stones from our unhealed land. We dance, as we hear the humming and distant chant. We are lifting ourselves up, raising wounds to the sky. We have been soul-kicked and spirit-winded and inner-knifed so many times. We say, “No.” We roar, “No more!” It's in the stories. The swallowed words, the lines unwritten, the choked unsaid. We are unravelling strings with many knots. We are untying our spirits from the nods, the winks, and nudges, the bitter grudges. We are unbelieving the words that scalded our souls. Reflecting, resisting, remembering. Refusing to give up or stop. Rescuing the lost and forgotten. Reclaiming our true selves. Drinking water from their holy wells. Holding overflowing cups to the sun. Smiling, knowing our journey has solely begun. The return.

.......................................................... Poem by Y's Words-Yvonne Brewer- from her newest poetry book available on Amazon Please join me in celebrating our Soul Deep Poetess Yvonne Brewer. Today, her poetry book "The Woman Who Talked To Stones" is available on Amazon.


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