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Just Hold My Hand

I never made it to the computer yesterday! The garden held me captive, then there was a book signing at Maria's in Durango. Such a completely lovely day! I met so many people and had wonderful conversations. Of course, as usual, the staff at Maria's was efficient, warm, welcoming and delightful.

This popped up in a FB feed early last week. I really loved it. I think older women sometimes really feel this, perhaps younger women too, or men, but I know I do, often. This actually brought tears to my eyes. Sharing it with love today.

Will you... Hold my hand for a little while? I don’t need you to save me No need for you to fix anything No need for you to hold my pain But will you simply hold my hand? I do not need your words Your thoughts Nor your shoulders to carry me But will you sit here for a while with me? Whilst my tears they stream Whilst my heart it shatters Whilst my mind plays tricks on me Will you with your presence let me know that I am not alone, whilst I wander into my inner unknown? For my darkness is mine to face My pain is mine to feel And my wounds are mine to heal But will you sit with me here, while I courageously show up for it all my dear? For I am bright because of my darkness Beautiful because of my brokenness And strong due to my tender heart But will you take my hand lovingly, when I sometimes journey into the dark? I don’t ask for you to take my darkness away I don’t expect for you to brighten my day And I don’t believe that you can mend my pain But I would surely love if you could sit for a while and hold my hand, until I find my way out of my shadowland! So will you... Hold my hand until I return again?”~

~Zoe Johansen

P.S. I regret I am not able to attribute the photo.


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