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This morning I am thinking of my beautiful mother. She was one of the kindest, sweetest beings ever created. She was always generous, thinking of others, and had a delightful sense of humor. I miss her every day.

I read an article yesterday about how we choose to be mothers. I know it has been the single most rewarding endeavor of my life. Today, my memory is flooded with not only my mother, but the beautiful children who made me a mother. Motherhood has been a joy, a privilege, and often a monumental challenge, but I am grateful every day for the gift of three amazing sons.

There is so much more that could, and probably should, be said about motherhood. I feel motherhood is undervalued in our country and the actual day of celebration has become very commercial. Even the founder of the day, Anna Jarvis, regretted that she had created it and hated that it had become a money-making endeavor.

It is challenging to put into words what our mother means to us, or what we feel about being a mother ourselves. Today, let us celebrate all mothers, those who bore children, those who didn’t but “mothered” others (as is the nature of woman), and our Mother Earth. We are all her children.

Mother earth Who gives life to her children Who, suckles them with the rich milk of her elements Who provides them shelter Who nurtures through endless beauty

Mother Earth Oh, Mother Earth You give so much You hold us so dear You are slow to anger You are forever patient

Mother Earth Sweet Mother Earth We are your wayward children We are spoiled by your gifts We take so much, more than we need We ravage your beauty that you long prepared

Mother Earth our Mother Earth Teach us your ways Teach us your laws Teach us to heal you Teach us to love you as you have loved us

My Mother Earth Return to me thy fruits of my work Return to me your seasons of hope Return your provisions that your nature provides Return me to you, when my light subsides

Oh, sweet beautiful Mother Earth, we honor thee.

Patsy Starke, 2017


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