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Not in a Comfortable State of Being

These are such trying times. Comfort is relative and rare. I think many of us are soul searching, feeling very uncomfortable and restless. It is a time to acknowledge discomfort and the great need for change. It is a time for us, as individuals, to take stock and look into our own hearts.

I have shared this amazing author, Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg, before. I share her words this morning again, with permission. Take a minute and read these powerful words. Take them to heart.

Wishing you a blessed day. Thank you Maureen.

not in a comfortable state of being...

I will not lax or even find that champagne bottle to pop even if we become a blue democracy... we must never forget black.

For black lives still matter

as the voices stir the din and

underneath it all weighs

so heavy on their souls.

blue does not mean free at last

blue does not mean

the stopping of systemic racism

even if we barely make it blue...we all knew....this fight is still here.

not in a comfortable state of being...

while you may wonder why many still take to the streets...

this just does not disappear,

rights are still being fought here...

let me remain in uncomfortable state of being...







bleed the whiteness out of humanity

we are all one

we are all equal

black lives matter

black lives matter

black lives matter

Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg ©

Artist Bisa Butler


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