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"Remember the Ladies!"

Women's History Month was fun. I was delighted to see a few younger women really interested in Women's History. It lifted my spirits. Of course, I was also celebrating the fact that They Persisted is back out in the world, all new and shiny with the same wonderful women - and They Roared is in its final edit. More fantastic women. Much to celebrate.

One thing that came up for me repeatedly during the last month is the tremendous bond between women. Some of mine are life long and I am deeply grateful, many or decades old, and some are new. Some have left this earthly plane. On this journey through life, many people come into our lives. We share joy, sorrow, triumphs, and failures. In my life, most of the strongest bonds have been with my women friends. They know my heart and my soul and I know theirs. Husbands/ male partners are wonderful. They come and we often grow together, some stay and others go. We support each other and share intimacies, but not in the same soul-deep way women do. Children are precious gifts, but they grow and leave the nest. This is another ode to my soul-deep women friends. Thank you for being in my life. May we continue to grow and process together!

One dynamic and visionary friend who is doing wonderful work in this world, Cristal Cook, invited me early in March to share some women from They Persisted on her podcast. The internet was occasionally snarky, but not enough to block the essence of this program. I am grateful that I had to opportunity to share some other wonderful women during this podcast. Please check out the wonderful work that Cristal is doing. She is a Storyteller, Adventure-Seeker, Animal-Lover, Playful, Passionate, Curious, and Fierce Protector of All That Is Vulnerable. In short, she is a pure delight and very inspiring. You can find more about Cristal at her website, Also, please check out the two books she has written that are now in publication, with a third on the way. At first glance, they appear to be for children, but truthfully, they are for everyone! Her first book is Hope is a Butterfly, If You Don’t Squish the Caterpillar and the second is Braveheart Gracie and the Vacuum Monster.

The internet failed at the very beginning, but the first woman introduced is Nellie Cashman…


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