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Winter Women

It is the day after Christmas, and the beginning of a new week that culminates in a fresh, new year. The holidays are difficult and joyful at the same time for me. Difficult because memories tug at me and I miss my family fiercely, but joyful because I have treasured memories. I completely understand those that struggle at this time of year, it is difficult. I hope that you had friends, family, love and memories to sustain you during this season that can be so bitter/sweet.

I am trying to find the gifts, holding the good memories close, and look ahead to personal growth, peace, and joy in this brand new year. I am wishing you the same. I hope the following offers some inspiration. Happy New Year.

“When winter comes to a woman’s soul, she withdraws into her inner self, her deepest spaces. She refuses all connection, refutes all arguments that she should engage in the world. She may say she is resting, but she is more than resting: She is creating a new universe within herself, examining and breaking old patterns, destroying what should not be revived, feeding in secret what needs to thrive.

Winter women are those who bring into the next cycle what should be saved. They are the deep conservators of knowledge and power. Not for nothing did ancient peoples honor the grandmother. In her calm deliberateness, she winters over our truth, she freezes out false-heartedness. Look into her eyes, this winter woman. In their gray spaciousness you can see the future. Look out of your own winter eyes. You too can see the future.”

Author ~Patricia Monaghan, Seasons of the Witch

Artist~ Autumn Skye Art


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