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Life is meant to be lived; cherish the exciting moments, and relish in those all too brief moments of relaxation. I am here to live my own life, and live it passionately. A Little HerStory serves as a vessel to project my passions, and clue in my loyal readers as to what inspires me in this crazy world. So, sit back, relax, and read on.

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August 9, 2020

“Do not cringe and make yourself small if you are called the black sheep, the maverick, the lone wolf.

Those with slow seeing say a nonconformist is a blight on society.

But it has been proven over the centuries, that being different means standing at the edge, means one...

August 6, 2020


I have been awed by some very strong and powerful women of late. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or AOC, is one of those women. She hails from Brooklyn, New York. I honor and respect her. She is real. She is articulate. She speaks her truth.  She has guts.  Listening...

August 2, 2020

This article is dedicated to the brave women who were vocal, marched and suffered to help us gain the right to vote.  They were strong, dedicated and knew their voice counted and must be heard.  Brava to the League of women voters, and enlightened men,  who then as now...

July 30, 2020

And you tell me you are not going to vote.  I say shame, shame on you.  Not only did white women fight to gain their God given right to vote, but the tale and legacy of the Black women who fought for their right to vote is perhaps even more powerful.  And you tell me y...

July 26, 2020

A little different look at a famous sharpshooter 

Phoebe Ann Moses, or as you know her, Annie Oakley, but do you really know her? 

She was born into a Quaker family on August 13, 1860, in Drake County, Ohio.  Her father died of pneumonia when she was only six years old....

July 23, 2020

Maiden, Mother and Crone. The stages of a woman's life.  How often do we think about or honor the Crone?  Since I am considered a Crone now, it is not surprising that I am looking more deeply into what she is; what she embodies; and how she is in this world.


July 19, 2020

I rarely post anything deeply personal here.  Today, I feel the need to do that; to share my own thoughts and feelings in a very strange time of isolation. Maybe also to vent a little. Thanks for reading. 

Most morning’s lately I wake up grateful for another d...

July 16, 2020

“Because drumming was recognized as an ancient source and symbol of the power of female technicians of the sacred, drumming was banned. Henceforth divinity was to be exclusively masculine. The suppression of women was directly linked to the suppression of the goddess.”


July 11, 2020

Today, my beautiful step daughter, Kim, is getting married.  She is truly "daughter" to me.  I have loved her since the first day we met.  She was a gawky, shy, knobby kneed little girl who came rollerskating into a fast food restaurant to meet me. Today, she herself i...

July 9, 2020


Evelyn Carmon Nicol was Born in Little Rock Kentucky, on June 2, 1930. She was the eighth child out of eleven children, born to Daniel Eugene Carmon, a schoolteacher and Margarite Wilson Carmon a homemaker.  She was a pioneer in the fields of microbiology...

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