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"They Persisted" available now!

Stories connect us, like the threads that create a tapestry. They stitch us securely into a multigenerational quilt of life and community. History helps us learn who we are, but when we don’t know our own history, our power and dreams are immediately diminished. History must tell the whole story; knowing the achievements of women expands our sense of what is real and what is possible.

Women's History is, by its very nature, political. By understanding the differences in gender, over time, we can better respond to those who tell us how men and women “should” act, live or feel. What is needed is an historical consciousness and a complete history helps us to find that consciousness.

During this process, I sifted through my own writing and collections of over thirty years. I found new and exciting sources through the world wide web. I immersed myself in the lives of these 21 women for a day, or two, or even weeks for some. I carried them around in my mind and heart and felt a closeness to them as if I really knew them. A deep respect and admiration, a soulful feeling of kinship developed. I would think I was finished and another thought, quote or idea would arise, and I was back in her world again, not that I had ever really left.

They Persisted

They could not hear NO for an answer!

History is fascinating! Because at some point you studied history, it is likely that you already know about some pretty interesting women like Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, and Amelia Earhart, to name a few. However there are more amazing women that you may not have heard about like Helen Marot, Mary Fields, Bessie Coleman and many others. I want to share some of their stories with you. These women from history succeeded in accomplishing great things. The lesson here is that if we persist, if we can not hear NO for an answer, we too can overcome so many obstacles both real and imagined.



"I had never heard of most of these women! What a wonderful read. I was captivated from the start and could not put the book down. "


" A must read for anyone who is interested in history!"


" I was totally amazed by the lives of these women. I had not heard of most of them and even those I had heard of, I had no idea what they were really about! Great read."

They Persisted by Margaret Kirk is a powerful testament to the unconquerable spirit of the feminine. She shares the trail-blazing stories of pioneering women weaving a vivid tapestry of inspiration, daring and determination. This book is a touchstone to our powerful roots reminding us of the courage and bravery of the wild women that came before us. - C. Ara Campbell, The Goddess Circle

Today we stand on the shoulders of the women in THEY PERSISTED. And they are strong shoulders indeed! These exciting vignettes are rich in detail and avid in passion…glorious mix of race, class, culture, and endeavors…These women dared to turn their fury at injustice into the sparks that fueled a lifetime of work. These women bolster our confidence. Grab them by the hand and take their stories with you—for you too must persist. - Shelley Vermilya, Ed.D.

They are an eclectic group…and Kirk brings their bravery and audacity to life honoring their rebellions and the strength they displayed in the face of efforts to keep them in their place…Our sheroes fought for social justice, protecting women and children, for those who needed help and for a better life for all. I truly enjoyed discovering 21 new role models, thanks to Kirk’s engaging style.Their stories will tantalize you to learn more. Kathryn Quina, Ph.D., Emerita Professor of Gender & Women’s Studies and Psychology, University of Rhode Island

Margaret Kirk's They Persisted is a well-timed shot of energy and inspiration. These courageous, innovative, bold and unstoppable women paved the way and fortified us for the challenges we still face. Each story will lift your spirits and remind you just how much a woman with a "made up mind" can accomplish. -- A'Lelia Bundles, journalist and Madam C. J. Walker biographer

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