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They Persisted is going to Kenya!

This morning when Barb Macraz, told me that she was bringing six of my book, They Persisted, to Kenya, was a crystalizing moment for me. I was overjoyed. In the moments that followed hearing this news, though, some things became very, very clear to me.

This book is about the women that spring from it’s pages, and I have been having doubts, second thoughts about it’s publication. What if people don’t like it? What if it is not widely read? There are typographical errors within the pages! Yes, it is not perfect, but the stories are. I am not perfect, and that is a humbling but essential lesson for me to learn, Furthermore, this book is not now, nor has it ever been about me. It is about 21 amazing women and the inspiration they offer. I want as many people as possible to know them and be inspired by them.

I have always wanted to put a book together and so I have, but it is not about me. I was initially inspired by Barb, and I sat at the keyboard and typed, but the women

chose me! They guided me through the process. As strange as that may sound, it is true. It is not a great work of literature, but rather a brief overview of the lives of these women, who in many cases, overcame enormous obstacles to succeed. Their stories wanted to be told. They not only persisted, but in doing so, followed their hearts. I want these women to speak to all who open the pages of this book. I want them to tell you, dear reader, that you too can overcome any obstacle you want to overcome, real or imagined. I want you to hear their voices, not mine, as you work your way through the pages. I want you to be inspired! The typo’s that may be found are mine, but the voice, it belongs to women much greater than I. Follow your hearts and do persist, regardless of fear or doubt! You are worth it. That is the main purpose of this book.

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