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The challenges of publishing a book!

Hello Friends! Much to my dismay, I have been made aware of several errors in the book They Persisted. They are typo's and not factual. Of course, this did not make me happy. I am trying to make peace with it, and struggling. They may be mine, they may be the editors, the source is irrelevant at this point. The books are printed. I am finally making peace with it. I apologize, and ask you to forgive the errors which are annoying, and read to let the indomitable spirit, courage and endurance of these women come through and speak to you. It is there, and without mistake! Thank you for that. The humans that were involved in putting this together, including myself, are just fallible conduits for these stories.

The second issue is also disconcerting. A friend informed me over the weekend act pages are coming out of her book! I am quite concerned about that as I did chose and pay for a durable binding so that it would hold up! Therefore, I would really appreciate knowing if anyone else is experiencing this situation, so I will know how to remediate it, or hopefully, it is just a one time thing. I thank you again dear friends and readers! It has been a learning experience with a steep curve. Hopefully, it will be much easier next time!

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