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Healing a Sick Culture

These are trying times, times that try the hearts and souls of women and some men. I think perspective is important. Blame, name-calling and excuses are not productive. I believe firmly that we must call it like it is and heal from there. It is wrong. Women are not objects. Women can not be used and thrown away. We have centuries of letting things slide, making excuses, saying that boys will be boys and women are temptresses and liars, who not to be believed. We must make this right, not just for women but for society. We see you, we hear you and we believe you. We want to heal, together. It is not easy or simple but it is critical.

"Regardless of what happens to Kavanaugh, however, this scandal has given us an X-ray view of the rotten foundations of elite male power. Despite Donald Trump’s populist posturing, there are few people more obsessed with Ivy League credentials. Kavanaugh’s nomination shows how sick the cultures that produce those credentials — and thus our ruling class — can be."

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