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The In-between Time

It is that sweet, lovely, peaceful time between Christmas and New Years. The expectations and hectic time have both passed. You are not certain what day it is because holidays have messed with your sense of time. What an opportunity to rest, recharge, love silence, find what brings you joy and delight and savor. Wishing you some of that time.

I haven't posted in a while; the noise of life, the demands of the world, the illness of my body, the sadness of my soul, the discouraged state of my emotions, but whatever the reasons I am resolving to post again, regularly, hopefully weekly. This is not a New Year's resolution, I do not make them! It is a simple declaration of intention.

I love women't history and revel when I find a woman that deserves to be remembered but has mostly been forgotten. In that spirit, I will forge ahead with new posts weekly.

Once again we are on the cusp of a new year. Wishing one and all good health, peace, joy, kindness, love and some magic for 2019!

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