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Winter Sings

This amazing woman, Maureen Kwait Meshenburg has become one of my very favorite contemporary writers/poets. You may wish to check her out further!

WINTER SINGS by Maureen Kwait Meshenburg

if I wait,

to hear the-

quiet voice,

reach my-

thundering heart,

is it the light,

that blinds me-

or is it my dark,

in the cold,

that breaks-

winter sings,

the song-

of dying.

it all brings-

me to the change,

of me.

when all I do is,

hide and stop-

cover myself deep,

with thoughts,



let it all scatter…

spreading away,

melting into water-

from white snow,



pure in its seeking-

bringing it all,

to perfect silence.

when I can bend,

my ear to hear-

the quiet inside,

what is real-

and waiting,

finding it bringing-

to my choice of me.

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