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Remembering Mary Oliver

The world lost an amazing woman and poet yesterday.

Mary Oliver, rest in peace. You are one of our era’s most beloved and prolific poets. You were a sage, a wise and witty woman who mastered poetry and all of it’s magic. I love you. I have loved you since I first read one of your poems. I remember that day, and many other days that I read your work. It was as if you spoke directly to me, to my heart. You got life, you got my feelings and my loves. You put your life into words so eloquently. You paid attention to life and to nature. You wrote simply and always with such aliveness. You spent years in Provincetown, a place I also know and love deeply, with the love of your life Molly Malone Cook. Thank you for all of the joy, inspiration and love you brought to me, and the world. You did so much more than just visit this world by sharing your amazement of it with us.

From the Daily Kos:

“Mary Oliver wrote deeply and simply about life and nature. Her words express humility and wonder and hope, through the lens of the natural world we all love. Unsentimental, honest, lyrical, incisive, evocative, and true.”

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