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Archaeology for the Soul

It has recently been noted that my pages do not reflect “the most important job in the world, motherhood.” I totally agree, that it is the most important job in the world, yet it is often the only way women are portrayed. I am a mother or three beautiful sons, and it was the best job I ever had! I loved being a mother, and while adult children present in ways I had never expected, I still love being a mother. I devoted all of myself to those children as they grew. They were my life.

The intent of my writing here is not to denigrate or diminish the women who are mothers. It is however, to point out that history has been a bit lax in its portrayal of women. We are not only mothers and helpmates. We have accomplished so many brave and wonderful things that the world seems to ignore so many times.

I think Corina Luna Dea, a wonderful author that I have just recently discovered, speaks to so many things we as women all have in common.

As we recover ourselves from a history plagued with patriarchy and deception that has distorted how we see ourselves and others, Corina's poetry offers us the opportunity to find ourselves again and stand in our power as stewards and guardians of this great Earth. Her inspiring words take us on a journey, a most magnificent journey that will awaken the parts of ourselves that may be aching to come to the surface. As her story is every woman's story, the very words that are spoken will begin to transform you in a way that is deeply inspiring, liberating and exciting.

Creatively weaving a tapestry of healing and empowering 'take-action' messages, "Archaeology for the Woman's Soul" is a collective opportunity to connect to our own personal stories, pushing us deeper within to touch and tend to the wounds that have never healed. This is not simply a poem, it is the story of becoming one with our pain as we journey into higher awareness and celebrate pain's gift of lessons and guidance.

(Unfortunately, I do not know who to credit for this beautiful image)

As we walk each other home,

As we remember who we are,

May we help each other

Feel Safe...

Feel Loved,

Feel Accepted...

Feel Whole...

Feel Seen

And Acknowledged....

As you heal,

You heal me...

As I heal,

I heal you...

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