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A Beautifully Prolific Poet

Maureen has become one of my favorite contemporary poets. Her work inspires me almost daily. I am posting this today, with her permission. Please visit her on Facebook (Heart's Calling) or find her books. She is a treasure.

About Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg: Maureen is guided by her inner soul’s journey and her warm and empathic musings about life. It was as a teenager that Maureen first started writing her unique style poetry… as a means to find her spiritual connection in her human experience. Maureen was always drawn to writing reflective soulful thoughts of the heart, bringing the shifts in life’s journey to her poetry.

From an interview with Book Goodies

From Maureen:

I have come to a place of celebrating the feminine divine and the dear circle of women in my life…

Through the many shifts in my life, they are there to dance with me, shed tears with me and laugh with me. We hold each other in the sacred circle, I honor them in all the times we gather, and hold them all, so precious to my heart.

I Honor You

I honor you,

dear woman-

inspiration that,

touches my soul.

I bow to you,

with clasped hands-

holding your heart,

close to mine.

we gather in sunsets,

by full moons,

in the seasons turning,

and we drum,

to the beating feet-

of our dancing.

my offering,

I now bring-

I honor you,

your beauty,

your soul,

your heart,

your tears,

that spill-

upon my face.

our laughter,

that sings-

when we hold,

our circling-

around the day,

of our coming.

in the time of,

my awakening-

you held me,

in the sacred space-

in the time of my breaking,

you wrapped me-

in your arms.

I reflect you,

you reflect me,

pass our failures-

we bring victory,

in brilliance,

we shine in each-

other’s shadow,

with our infinite light.

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