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First Snow

On the first day of December, with fresh snow on the ground, this seemed to be appropriate. Wishing you a blessed December. Savor the day.

The snow began here this morning and all day continued, its white rhetoric everywhere calling us back to why, how, whence such beauty and what the meaning; such an oracular fever! flowing past windows, an energy it seemed would never ebb, never settle less than lovely! and only now, deep into night, it has finally ended. The silence is immense, and the heavens still hold a million candles, nowhere the familiar things: stars, the moon, the darkness we expect and nightly turn from. Trees glitter like castles of ribbons, the broad fields smolder with light, a passing creekbed lies heaped with shining hills; and though the questions that have assailed us all day remain — not a single answer has been found — walking out now into the silence and the light under the trees, and through the fields, feels like one.

~Mary Oliver~ excerpted from American Primitive

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