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Thoughts on A New Year, A New Decade

Wishing you a Happy New Year. Thank you for stopping by here today and over the past year. Your interest in this site inspires me to keep it going. May 2020 bring many blessings into your life.

As we reflect on a new year and the beginning of a new decade, we have crossed that imaginary threshold into new time and space. How will we approach this new horizon? ToKoPa Turner suggest that we might not focus on "resolutions" but rather make a list of validations. Note all of the ways in which you have not only survived in the last year, but grown, transcended, withstood and triumphed! Remember the times that you succeeded, were kind, lived gently and gave and received with grace.

"Notice the ways, small as they may be, that you’ve lived and loved well this year. Count the occasions in which you’ve made new choices, held to your truth, made your boundaries known. Take a moment to bring to mind and heart those who have supported, cared for, and shaped you. Bless your believers. And bless yourself, for having made it this far against the odds. You are not alone. Together, we are building something significant, and though it may not look like much, we need you to keep going."

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