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Wild At Heart

I particularly loved the lines "women try to tame themselves as they get older." I will never try and tame myself, ever again. I only want to grow wilder. This spoke loudly to me and I thought it was a great Sunday morning share. I hope you enjoy.

From Sacred Dreams

“If all girls were taught that they were born wild and free. That their mind, body and soul were in their own keep. That they have just one life and they must make it their own. That they need to walk their own path and don’t need to be shown. That a cage isn’t for them. They should be free like a bird. That they have a voice and a right to be heard. That other women aren’t their enemy – we’re all in this together. That the walls that divide us will not last forever. That their one purpose in life is to grow wilder and bloom. That living a passionate life is the only way to defeat the doom and gloom. We would have an army of women, powerful and strong. An army of women to defeat all wrong. Let’s teach our girls that they were born wild and free. Let’s teach our girls the power of she. Women try to tame themselves as they get older but the women who feel and look the best are the ones who grow wilder.”

~Samantha Wilson

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