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I See You

These are alarming and turbulent times. I can not let the death of George Floyd pass without a mention; his death, and far too many others. Racism is rampant. I have few words. I thought I understood racism. I was wrong. I didn't. I am learning. I make mistakes, but I am learning. In the meantime, I offer the following:

I see you:

"Black America I see you. You are seen, heard, and affirmed in your anger, in your sadness, in your rage, in your fear, and in your deepest desires to have the ease, rest and safety that you are deserving of as human beings."~ Rachel Cargle

A prayer seems necessary today.

"Mother of Mercy,

the cries of the world keep me awake at night. I rise from my bed, but I cannot locate the source of the wailing. It is everywhere, Mother, coming from all directions, and my heart is shattered by the sheer intensity of suffering. You of boundless compassion, expand my heart so that I can contain the pain.

Focus my mind so that I can arrive at viable solutions, and energize my body so that I can engage in effective action. Give me the courage to follow the crumbs of heartbreak all the way home to the place where I can be of real service. Let me dip my fingers into the dew of your compassion and scatter it now over the fevered brow of this world. Amen"

BY Mirabai Starr from a book called "Mother of God Similar to Fire" published by Orbis Books

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