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Full Moon Blessings to all

To Humanity To this Earth To the Universe~

Catch Me a Piece of The Moon

catch me a piece of the moon let me cradle it with waiting arms hands that press its light into the crevices of my heart the hidden places covered by comfortable living its wonder dream but in its sleeping haze I could see the pull of darkness that held the fray of life loss living in dismal power over grief just because the color of their skin was not the same as mine no eyes set on the horizon of the moon lit sky sinking sorrow held them tight catch me a piece of the moon surrender my blind sight allowing its piercing light flood into a darkened room I see through the cracks what was always in front of me but more than just seeing listening changing raging becoming becoming even if it means now its uncomfortable catch me a piece of the moon eclipse the universe spreading like a wild fire burning away what was ashes from which freeing phoenixes fly dashing stars fall like tears upon the pavement catch me a piece of the moon let its beckoning light climb across the dark quaking sky coming to my awakening again and again echo what is true dismantle life as it is replace me with a redeeming life what is my task what is my life living now what must I do to bring new to humanity ushering in equality through infinite and unconditional love. Author Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg © Heart's Calling

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