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Time for Change

I have shared some of this prolific and wonderful poet before. This seemed very relevant today. Posting it here today with her permission. She is one of my favorite contemporary poets and she always inspires me! I hope you enjoy and explore some of her other works.

out from my soul, between a whisper and a prayer- what stings, between the sun and the night- fierce yearning, to hold life close- to my connecting, as we interconnect- and blend into, a single breath- as I touch the hem, of ancient pain- belonging to the cry, of the collective sky- pinning prayers like stars , onto the breath of evening- finding me under my, cluttering debri- who am I, who I am meant to be- let go of my reality, reaching to pause- listen, listen, listen, see the stream of faces- rise and say see who I am, black, beautiful, magnificent belonging- their's to claim, mine to fight- it sets the silent calm on fire, burning brighter than the bursting sun- see the wind cry, here it echo in the- bones of the dying, shattering quick the old- new is coming, new is coming, time for change- is here. Author Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg © Artist Dorina Costras Heart's Calling

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