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The day has been beautiful and opening the computer until now has not been possible. I have spent the day out in my yard and gardens. It was a gift. This is also a gift. Please check out their website for some beautiful thoughts and art.

Shared from Curanderismo, the Healing Art of Mexico

"In the quiet stillness of your heart you can hear your Grandmother's voice. Listen. Her wisdom shines in the light of the stars." — Maestra Grace Sesma

Full Moon blessings during this powerful time that includes a lunar eclipse....

As I honor Grandmother Moon by lifting up my popoxcomitl filled with copal, sage, and tobacco in gratitude for the blessings of her high spiritual light, I also offer heartfelt prayers that...

...wisdom and respect for our Mother Earth guide local and world leaders as they make important decisions that affect her health as well as our own, and the health of those who come after us...

...that peace flow into and guide the hearts of those who have been given the gift and responsibility of great power so that their actions are guided by honor and compassion;

...that the body, mind, and spirit of all who have been touched by violence be healed and freed from its effects, for their benefit and the benefit of their children for seven generations and longer;

...that the voices of the protectors of sacred places be heard, respected, and acted upon in a good way;

...that happiness and the causes of happiness bless the hearts and minds of all Peoples so that the spirit of peace may prevail in our lifetime.

May Creator, Grandmother Moon, and the Grandfathers and Grandmothers of the Four Directions answer our prayers in a good way, with ease and grace. And may we all be good Ancestors beginning today.

For all our relations, Ometeotl.

Painting by Alejandra H. Lauria

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