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Today, my beautiful step daughter, Kim, is getting married. She is truly "daughter" to me. I have loved her since the first day we met. She was a gawky, shy, knobby kneed little girl who came rollerskating into a fast food restaurant to meet me. Today, she herself is a mother! How time flies. I can not be with her today because of the pandemic. I am in Colorado, she is in Vermont. My heart is with her though. I have been going through old photos. Through tears I have sifted through the photo documentation of how she has grown into am amazing young woman. The picture below is of Kim and her Beloved, Derek. This post in in her honor. I love you Kim.

I Slipped Into The Past

I slipped into the past again Dug out some pictures of old Faded so with age they are But so many stories they told

Oh, look at the old vehicles Don’t they give you chills? A bearded gentleman and his tiny wife A life without luxury and frills

If only we could turn back the clocks Sit down with them and talk So many wonderful things they’d say So many memories unlocked

One by one I looked at pictures Some were family some were friends They wore a different style of clothes A different way of life and trends

Some were taken so long ago Fifty years or more it was Another lifetime, another world Kind of gives you reason to pause

And then I put the pictures back Into the box in which they are kept Makes me smile a bit in reverence For a life of happiness and tears unwept

I wonder as I put them all away If someone will always care Because it’s important to generations That old pictures to be kept to share!

by Marilyn Lott

Photographer David Dubnitskiy

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