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"Be the Painter of Your Life"

I took last week off. It was Christmas Eve, and I just needed some solitude away from screens. I hope your Christmas (if you celebrate) was wonderful. 

The year 2023 is drawing to a close. There have been many gifts during this year, but of course, there were many challenges as well. Many of us take stock on New Year’s eve now. It is not the wild and raucous night it may have been in our youth. For me at least, it is a very quiet, introspective time; a time of reviewing the past year and looking into what I want to let go of and what I want to call in to the new year. A clean slate that each of us has mastery over. The words of William Kent Krueger come to mind, from his wonderful book, This Tender Land:

“Open yourself to every possibility, for there is nothing your heart can not imagine that is not so.” I am carrying this with me as 2024 will begin shortly. 

Wishing you all a blessed, healthy, joyful, abundant, and peaceful 2024. 

This is from my dear friend Corina Luna Dea, who is always such an inspiration. I share it with you today, with her blessing. It is also my wish for all of us in 2024. The lines “Be the painter of your life and the poet of your soul,” really speak to me, but it is inspiring in it’s entirety! I hope you enjoy. 

"Wishes from my heart to yours 

May you flourish...

Stay healthy

Be courageous

Become full in your heart

Encounter success


Peace of mind

Soulful relationships

Love your Self

Be loved




Love Life

Embrace uncertainty

Have faith



Let go of what hurts

Stand up for yourself

Don't let anyone define you

Be You

The Healed Version of you

The one that knows 

Ancient knowledge

Sacred poetry...

Be the painter of your life

The poet of your Soul

The Believer of Truth...

Cherish truth

Live your life with eyes wide open...

Learn history

Excavate your holy site

Your life

And know that you are precious

You matter 

Are significant...

As you become who you are

With every breath you take!!!"



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