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My photo: view to the west last evening

I am a bit late posting this week. I'm blaming "Holidayitis"... it's real you know. I became, peaceful, quiet, a wee bit lazy, and quite content to just sit and watch the birds, read, talk with friends, nap or meditate. It was completely grand, but some things just didn't get done. I am rather unabashedly unashamed too!

I hope that all of you enjoyed the season, regardless of how you celebrated. It always seems a gentler, sweeter time of year, to me. It is as if the entire world just takes a deep breath, thinks more of others, and is a bit kinder.

It is a new year, and I am not one to make formal resolutions...but I do think a lot about the year that has past. What have I loved about it? What have I learned? What do I want to change or do differently in the new year coming up. I decided that I want to nurture my soul more this year. I want to simply sit and watch the birds or watch the sun as it creeps up over the mountains in the east, and then sets, every so gently, to the west. I want to savor the color changes it makes as it is moving around. I want to take the time to enjoy more cups of tea in the afternoon. I want to have many heartfelt conversations with friends and family. I want to walk more in nature feeling the bite of the cold, or the heat of the sun. I want to listen to nature and be present in her. I want her to facilitate healing and understanding. I want to find more purpose, kindness and love in this new year. I want to cultivate precious friendships.

A friend shared the following with me. It is from her friend in Australia. It struck a chord with me and I am hoping that you enjoy it as well. Blessings and love.


As the hours of darkness begin to slowly wane from the winter sky, So too may the fearful places of your heart unclench their grasp on your life As the presence of light begins to grow with greater sureness with each passing day May your own courage blossom to open more brightly to truth and love.

Let this be the year that you turn off the television and silence the talk radio chatter in order to pick up the writing pen, the paintbrush, and watch the candle slowly burn.

May this be the year that you delight in seeing how much joy you can extravagantly spread. May you discover just how much beauty you can recklessly shower upon this thirsty world.

May this be the year that you tune both the dusty piano in the corner and the inner listening of your care-worn heart So that both can play in harmony with the chorus of creation.

May you break the invisible yardstick of impossible expectations and learn that just as you are, you are enough. May this be the year that you cease trying to march to an imagined ideal and instead, wrap your arms around the messy wonder your life really is, hold it close and do the tango.

Let this be the year you befriend your soul in its radical particularity, not forsaking it yet again for the bland demands and cravings of the masses. Instead, may you elope with the wildness of your own true calling, marry your soul to its deepest longings and invite the hungry world to the wedding feast.

- Kayleen Asbo


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