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Celebrating Women Through Printmaking

Greetings All and I am late again. I think I will blame the heat, it has been extremely warm, and I have been extremely slow. Don’t think there is anything else to do but be slow in such conditions.

This weekend was the installation of some art that I was blessed to be a part of. The Mancos Common Press obtained a grant from Onward and the Creative District to offer a two day workshop a few weeks ago. The focus was honoring a local woman with art.

The woman were all very exciting and most worthy of note and celebration. The art was installed on Saturday evening, in the style of Mexican street art, pasted up with wheat paste.

This is the woman I chose, a very humble and beautiful soul.

Patsy Smith - Moved the Earth

No, she is not a heavy equipment operator…Patsy has a great love of family, community, the natural world, music, and books. She is the proud mom of three sons and seven grandchildren. Patsy is always generous in giving to her community. Patsy has served Boy Scout Troop 518 and later Eagle Scouts. She taught Bible School at St. Paul’s Episcopal church and was treasurer of the mission committee. She served on the Mancos Valley Chamber of Commerce Board, the SW Library Services Board and has been an Americorp member in Dove Creek teaching STEM. Patsy served tirelessly for almost twenty years as the Director of the Mancos Public Library, stewarding the building of the new library and the move. Patsy is a Marathon runner and she and her husband participated in the 714 mile Trans South Dakota mountain bike race in 2016. She currently enjoys homesteading on the 16acre Arcadia farm in rural SW Colorado gardening and embracing permaculture methods, raising food and chickens.

I am ever grateful for this opportunity. It was a truly wonderful experience and all of these women inspire me, both those we highlighted and those making art. Thank you all!

I encourage you to check out both the Mancos Common Press and The Herstory Print Collective in Albuquerque.


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