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Deep Gratitude and an Announcement!

Hello All,

Fall is here! I am enjoying it very much and I hope you are as well. It is the season of warm fires and chai, of pumpkin spice and cuddling! Deep reflection and gratitude are in season for me, though gratitude is relevant year-round.

I am grateful for my health, family, friends, home, hearth, four foots, the beauty outside of my door, and so much more.

I am also deeply grateful to the team of folks who enabled the printing and distribution of They Roared. It was a long journey on a hard road, but it happened - thanks to you - and you know who you are. Deep bow of gratitude.

The Magazine, Canvas Rebel, did an interview which I am sharing with you today. Thank you Cristal for the referral and Michael at Canvas Rebel!

Also, on Thursday evening, November 16, there will be a rescheduled event at Fenceline in Mancos. Huge thanks to them for being so flexible and welcoming. It is no secret that Fenceline is one of my very favorite spots in town! Hope to see you there!


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