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I Have Grown Weary

Dear God, may we embrace the gift of love. May we treat ourselves and others with kindness, compassion, and understanding as we embark on this new year together.

Excerpt from Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper - Prayer for the Week

This has been a rather stressful week, and it included an encounter with an extremely rude and most unpleasant and unprofessional physician. I think we always hope to treat people with kindness, compassion, and consideration, and we also hope to be treated in the same way. When we are at our most vulnerable and working with a physician, looking for answers and to restore our health, we want them to be aware of that too, but it doesn’t always work that way. I felt truly crushed and walked away, hurt and angry with none of the critical information I was looking for. Life goes on, but I needed reminders of kindness and strength in order to rebalance myself after that blow. I am certain everyone reading this has had such an encounter with someone in their lives. We must acknowledge the hurt and dismay, but we also need to heal and move on. We need to find the beauty, the kindness and compassion - model it - forgive and let go. This is my process today and it's probably a bit scattered. Thanks for bearing with me! 

"I will sit with you...

I will write with you

I will dream with you...

We can make poems together

And speak to each other in Soul Language

I will show you the stars on your path

And you will find your way back home

To the place where ease and peace exist as default

No more struggle

No more fear

No more hopelessness and judgement

Loneliness or doubt...

All vanished 

You will never remember such things

Because they don't exist

And if they do, you will know what to do

To dissolve such things that belong to ancient times

Humanity has no memory of any longer...

Lost ways in the ether

For struggles were never meant to be in souls 

Living on this planet of feelings...

Do you realize, dear human

How amazing you are 

To feel so deeply 

To cry so intensely

To love

To long 

To hope and grieve... 

Oh, dear Human

You came here as a traveler

In this labyrinth of emotions

You are a master of pain and sorrow

In your own way

You learned how to survive.

Each of you in a different way

But nonetheless,

You are all masters of wounding and resilience

Let no one tell you otherwise.

Even in the worst struggle

There is light in your heart

Rejection from others it matters not

Your path is broader than any gossip

Any harm others cause you

Or even the harm you can cause to yourself.

Do not abandon yourself in hard times

Rather remember you have been here before

Survive and thrive

Speak not words of criticism towards your own Self

Speak words of love

Embrace yourself with peace as a holy blanket

The dark nights still have stars

As you have stars in your eyes





I always love this song by Cathy Ryan…because we all need COMFORT sometimes.  Enjoy!


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