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International Women's Day 2022

Tuesday, March 8

Today is the International Day of the Woman, during Woman’s History month. It feels more important than ever to celebrate women. The strength and tenacity of women is always visible, but lately no where more visible than in the Ukraine.

Perhaps I should be more focused, maybe talk about the origins of this day, but I can’t. My heart hurts for the people of the Ukraine who are suffering beyond belief. I am naming just a few woman, who have come to my attention and shown enormous bravery. While my wish is to celebrate all women today, the women of the Ukraine are in the forefront. I pray, cry, help where I can, which is nowhere near enough, light a candle, and pray some more for all of Ukraine.

I'm not going to talk about the tanks, the bombs, the shattered lives sheltered underground, the hours of travel to reach the border, the snipers in the woods waiting to shoot those who attempt to reach that border, the crumbled infrastructure ...the news outlets cover that well. It is beyond tragic. I just want to acknowledge the bravery, the tenacity and the strength of women in general, but today, particularly the women of the Ukraine.

Photo from BBC, woman trying to escape violence with her beloved pet

Karina Maniukina, 16, who is witnessing the horror of war. Olga Grebennik, illustrator of children’s books, has this past week been living in a Kharkiv basement with her two small children. Vera and Paulina, who are trapped and can not find a way to the border. Elena Kovalskaya, who resigned from the position of director of the Moscow State Theater. Sasha who stayed behind to care for her rescue animals and was hit by a Russian rocket and perished. Olena Volodymyrivna Zelenska, wife of the president, she and her family face targeted death threats.

“One day, they were just children on the way to the future. On the other hand, it’s children with no future on the way. One day, they were just mothers telling their kids see you later. On the other hand, they’re mothers without knowing what to say. Not knowing how long this farewell will take. Once upon a time, it was just boys who agreed to hang out with friends. On the other hand, they’re never going out boys waiting for enemies. Once upon a time, it was just men returning home to the work On the other hand, it’s homeless men to return to. They were just parents helping their children to cross the road, now they are parents who snatch their children from and the roads are no longer allowed to walk. One day, the next. From night to day, it got dark and the morning hasn’t broken yet. “

- Elizabeth Barbara, side by side

“I’ve seen enough of war to realize that we’ve got to make a world where wars can’t happen.” L.M. Montgomery Literary Society

Let's join together today, and every day, and pray for peace. Thanks for reading.


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