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Living Fully

2023 feels like a year of change for me. It feels like a year of stretching more (literally and figuratively), examining, exploring, letting go, and having more fun. I didn’t plan it. It was not a “resolution” but is fast becoming one!

Today, with a gift from a co-worker and her granddaughter, I am dying my hair mahogany, and hoping for a lavender outcome that they had. Why not? It is silly for sure but I am rather embracing silly of late. Does a woman in her seventies really want lavender hair? Today, this one does! I have never done anything this bold, but again, why not? More fun this year. More letting go of things that no longer fit and much more growing in spirit. It feels like a brilliant year ahead for exploration and, yes, fun. Join me?

A friend sent this earlier today. It seemed to fit seamlessly into my day! I hope you enjoy it too.

"When we are young, it’s the illusion of perfection

that we fall in love with. As we age, it’s the humanness

that we fall in love with- the poignant stories of

overcoming, the depthful vulnerability of aging, the

struggles that grew us in karmic stature, the way a

soul shaped itself to accommodate its circumstances.

With less energy to hold up our armor, we are revealed

and, in the revealing, we call out to each other’s

hearts...Where we once saw imperfect scars, we now see evidence of a life fully lived."

Jeff Brown

Art: Umberto Boccioni - The Mother, 1909.


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