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Perfect Recipe!

I loved this so much when I read it I felt drawn to share. We are living in confusing, stressful and most uncertain times. This was balm for my troubled soul. I hope you find it so also.

From Rivers in the Ocean:

Many people keep sharing with me that they are under a huge stress of uncertainty and fear. While I don’t have a perfect recipe to handle the current situation, I have several reminders for myself how to stay strong, centered and develop greater relationships with my inner guidance. It is a rather simple list of practices that I follow to stay balanced physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

1. Start and finish every day with gratitude. You have many blessings in your life that are taken for granted. Go over everything that is dear to your heart and give thanks for its presence in your life.

2. Listen to and take care of your body. Very often the rush of everyday life and its endless chores shifts your attention away from the body needs and signals that it sends.

a. Stay active, do yoga, tai chi, Qigong. Start to move energies and keep the body flexible. Go to the nature to spend some time with its healing beauty. Learn symbolic language of its living beings. Pay attention to signs and learn to understand their message.

b. Nurture your body with non-processed foods, take vitamins. Nature is a powerful source of medicine. Educate yourself how plants and elements can help you with your issues. Find what resonates with your body. Don’t fall for advertisements, do your own research. Plant your own medicinal garden, even it is just a window garden.

3. Act. Find a way to help others. Don’t hide, you know your gifts, make them available for others. Any act of kindness reverberates through the lives of many. Amaze somebody by your generosity, don’t expect any rewards. The world is drastically changing, embrace changes, evolve your understanding, expand your consciousness, and always care for the well-being of all life.

4. Create rituals to keep your spirit in alignment, purified and empowered. Any ritual with good intentions will do. Meditate. Be mindful and present. Purge out all negative patterns of fear, guilt and unforgiveness. Open your heart to compassion and connect with your soul essence. Embrace the power of love, witness its depth, and become it!

5. Start some creative projects - draw, paint, write, play music. Find the joys in your life. Create something new! You have a power of Creation!

Art by Rudolph Carl Gorman


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