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Soul Deep Remembering...

The work of sacred remembering. I love that phrase. I am a little late posting this week, not unusual for me, but I had a cataract procedure done late last week and things were a bit too fuzzy on Sunday, and all I wanted to do was sleep. So, I did. Still a bit unsettled today, but getting there. Ah, aging, not for the feint or heart!

This is a piece from one of my favorite authors, Corina Luna Dea. I hope you enjoy.

There is a pivotal juncture in every Soul Deep Woman’s journey when she stands alone. Her convictions take over and she takes a stand. She stands tall and she stands apart. She arrives at this crossroad not free of doubt, but because of it. She doubts all that she was taught. She is willing to accept all criticisms or the rejection of her family, friends, co-workers or any institution she belongs to.

She is now in full Rebel mode. She rejects expected norms, roles, labels and the contracts she silently made in the past to keep the peace and feel somewhat protected. She no longer wants to subscribe to a false belonging and stay hidden under the self-consented forgetting. The veil must come off. The masks must be shattered. The status quo is questioned. Patriarchy is no longer accepted. You are ready!

Often, when we hear the call of the Soul, we can’t run from it. We try to run, but we can’t hide. The inner battle is too intense. Just like when a new love sparks our passion, we can’t run from it. We lay ourselves on the altar of love and we are willing to burn for the love that consumes us from within.

This burning away is the very signature of the awakening process. It might arrive through the end of a marriage or the loss of a job. Or through the death of a parent, an illness, or a realization that our addiction must end.

Similarly, when we awaken from the hypnotic dream of forgetting who we are, we are willing to deconstruct our antiquated self-concepts. No matter what is the price we pay. Because the price we pay for not listening to the wake-up call is too high. The longer we wait, the more we are eroded inside.

Often, anxiety takes over if we don’t pay attention. And when that happens, the hollowness we feel inside becomes a wall that stands between you and your true self. Anxiety is a thief of your heart that will impact your self-esteem and your confidence. At all cost, you must protect your heart from the grips of anxiety. And you do that by taking sacred steps towards your dreams. You stay committed to your truth and you ground yourself in your convictions.

The awakening is a sacred time. It is the beginning of our conscious life on earth. Your life shall never be the same from that point on. There is no turning back to the life you lived before. There is no turning back to a time when you felt that your head is in the clouds. There will be clarity. And an unshakable knowing that you are guided. And you will never feel alone no matter what. There is a renewal at a cellular level that will transport you to a world where the pieces of your life start to make sense.

As you step into this new version of your world you will lose and gain new friends. You might let go of relationships that no longer make sense. You might realize that you must let go of some people in your life because their needs and way of existing in the world force you to compromise yourself and your most valued beliefs.

You might change the way you dress and how you wear your hair. You might begin to like a different kind of music and be drone to different places. You will commune more intimately with nature and begin to be at ease in your space. It is a time like no other in your life. The earth will move differently under your feet after you awaken from the dream state.

The shift from unconscious to conscious living is always the result of a crisis in our lives. There is a culmination, a gathering of evidence that we have ignored for so long. The signs were there, but we avoided to take action. Until one day our lives are brought to a halt. We must make a choice. A decision. It is that pivotal juncture where we must decide who we want to become in the light of the new calling of our heart.

If we chose to stay in that job, marriage, relationship or group that stands against our deepest values, we are experiencing a slow soul death. Some choose to stay, but many are willing to sacrifice everything for freedom and inner peace. And rightfully so! The sweet taste of being true to who we are. The sweet taste of being in alignment with our values as we awaken from the hypnotic trance. A hypnotic trance that made us forget who we are... What we are meant to be... What we are meant to create to ennoble our world and live with meaning and joy.

This is the work of Sacred Remembering...

This is the calling of the Soul Deep Woman... .................................................. Words by Corina Luna Dea Archaeology for the Woman's Soul

Photo: Art by Lily Morran on ArtStation


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