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The Gift of Another Day

It is a snowy, typical spring morning in SW Colorado. Yesterday it was in the sixties and we were admiring crocus. Today we are enjoying a spring snow. 

I was talking with a friend this morning as our dogs were reveling in the new snow. We commented on how they know how to find joy in life every day and in the smallest things, and that we need to take a lesson from them. 

This is poignant to me this morning as our community lost a beautiful and vibrant soul last week. She was one of the most loving, king, authentic and beautiful people I think I have ever known. 

Life is fragile and precious, yet so often we just exist and don’t live. I don’t think she ever did that. We must understand that the gift of another day is just that, and no one guarantees it. Find the joy today. Tell the story. Smile at a stranger. Let the petty stuff go! Hug a friend. Tell those you treasure that you, in fact, do treasure them. Keep things in perspective and pick your fights. Focus on the good, the kind, the loving and the beauty. You may not be here tomorrow, so why not be the best you can be today? 

Let go of the fear that binds you. Find the freedom your soul years for. Be wild, be real, be kind and share love in its myriad forms. Celebrate this gift of a precious day. Live it, don’t merely exist. 

The following is a prayer for all of those that we miss and mourn. Thanks Kat for sharing this. 


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