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Unmasking a Myth...

Unmasking a Myth

when they want to control you they do not come with shackles made of iron they come instead with cages made of shame and story like the one about the woman who earned crisis for her curiosity so tempted by a life of wisdom and independence she caused the downfall of all civilization

women are dangerous says the shame story of Eve they cannot be trusted and should not trust themselves

give a woman free choice and she’ll eat the fruit tempt the man enrage the god she’ll destroy us all with her mad desire to know to discover to understand her self her world her maker give a woman any freedom and she’ll follow her curiosity shape her own story seek truth beyond the dictates of order and obedience

she will wreck your carefully controlled mandates your reign of tightness she will unmake your holy wars of right and wrong and infuse the realm with choice and instinct empathy outranking rules creativity eclipsing war sovereignty subsuming blind servitude

when you want to know like Eve when you have a taste for truth and a hunger for wisdom you have to question the stories test the facts rattle the cage who profits from you believing a lie? who benefits because you believe you are both cause and curse?

they have tried to burn you with their shame strip you violate you shrink you silence you but they could not break your phoenix spirit its fierce heat will melt old regimes and enflame a generation who will not settle for smallness for submission for shame

sink your self into the feathered red sleeve of your ancestors and rise, woman rise again for you are Persephone’s Daughter Lilith’s lover Eve’s heir

find the truth eat the fruit unmask the myth let it burn

[Art: Persephone: Red K Elders Art]

Originally posted by the Cosmic Dancer


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