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Winter Hibernation

It is a beautiful, snowy morning here in SW Colorado. I am savoring the scene outside my windows. Snow is falling, snow on snow, birds feeding, and the world seems at peace. I am sipping coffee and feeling that peace. I have let go of the “shoulds,” and the turmoil of the world outside this space and am completely in the moment and loving it. Winder is a time of hibernation. We don’t always flow with that natural rhythm. I need to. That letting go is good for my mental and physical health, my heart, and my soul. Yet, it has taken so many years to really get this and practice it - and I still slip back into old habits occasionally. A work in progress, I think. It is in these times of surrender to the natural rhythm that I can befriend myself and discover more of who I am.

I found this Glow of the Heart piece by Yasmine Lasheen that spoke to me and I wanted to share it.

“When you grow old, you will realize you will have to befriend yourself, you have to find peace within it, enrich with whatever it needs to grow, be comfortable around it, and you will understand the moments you spend with yourself aren't minutes of loneliness, but rather your way of salvation, of figuring things out, of learning new things, of discovering more yourself, of facing your darkness or running to your world of dreams, you will understand there's no escape from yourself, you will eventually have to immerse within it, live with it, adapt to it, and it takes effort, a huge one, but that's your real journey to healing.”

Yasmine Lasheen.


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