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Women Should Tell the Truth

What does society require of us? The same thing our parents, our church, our school required? That we be what they wanted; to mold us and shape us into their vision of us, not what we are innately. It's time we recognized this and not only tell the truth, but live the truth of who WE are. When we do this we will be transformed! We will accept ourselves for who we are and celebrate that beautiful and wise woman.

‘Women have another option. They can aspire to be wise, not merely nice; to be competent, not merely helpful; to be strong, not merely graceful; to be ambitious for themselves, not merely for themselves in relation to men and children. They can let themselves age naturally and without embarrassment, actively protesting and disobeying the conventions that stem from this society’s double standard about aging. Instead of being girls, girls as long as possible, who then age humiliatingly into middle-aged women, they can become women much earlier – and remain active adults, enjoying the long, erotic career of which women are capable, far longer. Women should allow their faces to show the lives they have lived. Women should tell the truth.’

Susan Sontag - The Double Standard of Aging (1972)

Annie Leibovitz - portrait of Susan Sontag.


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