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Your Soil isTilled, Make Magic!

It is the last Sunday of Women’s History month, but this site celebrates women and their accomplishments all year round. I have loved knowing some young adults this year and watching as they become really invested in knowing more about women in history. It has been a gift! I have learned from them how to become more open and accepting, less judgmental. Yes, a gift, and I have so much more to learn. I am a work in progress! But, aren’t we all?

Quick book update: They Persisted is back in print and in a much improved second edition. They Roared is in the final proof stages and will most likely go to print within six weeks or so. Stay tuned.

I frequently refer to the work of Corina Luna Dea and her book, Archaeology for the Woman’s Soul. I admire her greatly. The following spoke to me. I hope it speaks to you. Dance with the fairies, make magic, and let your soul guide you free.

Soul Deep Woman...

The Soil of Your Soul has been tilled...

Your truth reveled.

Heal so deeply within that no label can ever be imposed on you…

Know who you are. Stand in your power.

Let your truth be heard. Let your heart be seen.

Let your soul guide you free.

Free to be. Free to become.


Envisioning the world you came to re-imagine

Because you are a Soul Deep Woman...

The Soil of Your Soul has been tilled.

You are ready to emerge. To stand in your power

Against a world that wants to mold you into an image that is not yours.

Instead, cultivate your Soul...

Make Soul...

Make art


Dance and speak with fairies. Make magic.

Engage with the interior life of your Soul

Make metaphors. Make poetry.

Be YOU...


A Soul-Maker.

Called to Make the Soul of the World.

Corina Luna Dea

The following YouTube is of a beautiful woman, eighty-four-year-old Natalie Trayling, who makes such lovely music. Her story is bitter/sweet, but I admired her so much. Natalie gave birth to four children. Two passed away, her home burned down, and she lived rough on the streets. She is free, she said… and while not a lifestyle we might choose for ourselves; she is authentic. I say thank you, Natalie, for the music and the inspiration. She left the earthly plane this year. There are more of her beautiful music recordings on YouTube. Natalie made magic.


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